DBS Checks Pricing

All our prices include a free Employability Risk Assessment should the DBS Check return with criminal information. We do not charge for registration and there are no hidden costs.

VAT Total
Enhanced DBS Check DBS Fee £44.00
Our Fee £20.00 £4.00
Per Check Total Cost £64.00 £4.00 £68.00
Standard DBS Check DBS Fee £26.00
Our Fee £20.00 £4.00
Per Check Total Cost £46.00 £4.00 £50.00
Basic Check D/S Fee £25.00
Our Fee £20.00 £4.00
Total Cost £45.00 £4.00 £49.00

In the case of volunteers the DBS fee is waved and only our fee is payable. Please note: Only volunteer positions are available for the Enhanced and Standard disclosures.

The total cost for a volunteer is £21.60, this is inclusive of VAT.

For further information on Criminal Records Services Ltd and how we can help your organisation with DBS Checks please contact Criminal Records Services Ltd on our website or 01942 609365,  alternatively email